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Kerastase Release Couture Braids Book

Fusing the intricacies of complex braiding with the luxe design we’ve come to expect from the brand, Kérastase has released The Couture Book of Braids, an instructional but artistic styling book.

With evocative illustrations by Jessica Durant, the book details braiding in all its forms. Beginning with crucial do’s and don’t’s, primary guidelines, tools and ‘braiding 101’ instructions, the book then delves into 10 more in depth chapters. Classic French braids, fishtails, secret braids, headbands, ponywraps and more are all explained.


The book makes an effort to connect to a large audience, outlining how and when to wear certain styles – for example, which business meeting necessitates certain braids, the multitude of different braided wedding looks and the evolution of the braid on the first, second and third date.

The book is in honour of the brand’s new addition to the Couture Styling Collection, Matérialiste. The new product is an all over thickening gel spray. Matérialiste reimagines the art of braiding by creating the essential thickness required to build and hold the braid, creating the connection to the book. A recent global study by the brand found that 47 per cent of women believe their hair is too fine to style, which Kérastase addresses with Matérialiste, set to increase thickness in each fibre.


“The secret to creating the perfect, long lasting braid is preparation,” explained stylist and Salon Partner Jacky Chan of Oscar Oscar Salons St Kilda. “Applying Kérastase Matérialiste to your hair before styling, will ensure an abundant and easy to grip texture, allowing you to build a show-stopping braid every time.”

Kate Moss is the face of the new product – illustrating the allure of thick hair and its affinity for braided styles. Book and product in hand, you’re sure to captivate your next client.


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