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Kérastase Unveils New Spécifique Collection and Australia’s First Scalp Institute

Kérastase has added to their existing collection by unveiling a new scalp specific in-salon ritual, four new at-home haircare solutions, and the opening of the brand’s first scalp health destination The Sinclair Kérastase Scalp Institute later in the year.

The original SPÉCIFIQUE products

The reinvented SPÉCIFIQUE collection provides clients with an ultra-personalised diagnosis and solutions for common scalp concerns. SPÉCIFIQUE begins in a Kérastase consult salon with a scalp diagnosis and an in-salon ritual, including the application of SPÉCIFIQUE MASQUARGIL, a salon-only clay mask that unclogs pores and eliminates oil, sweat and polluting particles.

The four new SPÉCIFIQUE at-home haircare solutions are designed to address sensitivity, oiliness, dandruff and hair loss as individual scalp concerns, adding to an already comprehensive retail range. The new release products are the Cure Apaisante Anti-Inconfort, a four week treatment that soothes the scalp, the Cure Anti-Pelliculaire, another four week treatment that purifies the scalp, the Masque Hydra-Apaisant, a gel cream that instantly moisturises the scalp, and the Spray Stimuliste, a daily treatment to prevent premature ageing of the hair follicle to combat thinning hair. The full collection provides highly effective correction of and protection from scalp damage caused by the impact of environmental factors within modern society’s active lifestyles.

To coincide with the relaunch of SPÉCIFIQUE, Kérastase has partnered with Professor Rodney Sinclair – Australia’s leading clinical research dermatologist and foremost expert in disorders of the hair and scalp – to launch Australia’s first ever scalp institute in Melbourne in mid-2017. The institute will specialise in scalp health, hair loss and thinning, aiding clients with mild to severe scalp concerns from diagnosis through to treatment and maintenance with the new range.

“Before we partnered with Kérastase on the Scalp Institute I had to be convinced that its science was sound, and that our patients would actually use the products,” Professor Sinclair said. “We can only partner with a brand that shares our values of safety, effectiveness and excellence, and Kérastase is that brand. I am convinced that Kérastase’s reinvented SPÉCIFIQUE collection is the best in its class, and our patients will see lasting results from these products.”

“The hair follicle is an extension of the epidermis (the outer layer of the scalp) therefore any inflammation of the scalp will affect hair growth in a number of ways,” he continued. “For example, hair can lose its lustre, and hair shedding or loss can occur when there is dandruff on the scalp. Not only does Kérastase SPÉCIFIQUE treat dandruff and heal an inflamed scalp, it cleans the hair and scalp, and improves its overall look and feel.”

“As the number one professional haircare brand in the Australian market, Kérastase has proven to be at the forefront of providing hair and scalp solutions for the past 30 years,” said Kérastase Paris General Manager Sandra Kelly. “The reinvention of SPÉCIFIQUE and introduction of The Sinclair Kérastase Scalp Institute further establishes our drive and persistence in delivering optimum products that meet the needs of our clients. Uniting two experts in the field, Kérastase is honoured to officialise our partnership with Professor Sinclair for our first, and world-class, Scalp Institute – a significant milestone for scalp health in Australia.”

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