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KEVIN.MURPHY for Casey Tanswell SS14/15 Collection

The iconic KEVIN.MURPHY crew turned heads at Casey Transwell’s unveiling her looks for her Spring Summer 14/15 ‘Circle’ presentation, writes Jessica Abdo.

Casey Tanswell, Circe Image 3

In 2012, Casey captured the fashion industry with her self-titled label, and has been featured in renowned titles such as Instyle, Russh, Elle, marie claire, Cleo and plenty more, ever since.

Models backstage

Held in the Apollo Restaurant in Sydney was the exclusive and intimate lunchtime event, pleasing guests with a brilliant presentation for both eyes and taste buds.

Co-Hair Directors James Nicolson and Lucy Lasenzaniro

KEVIN.MURPHY Co-Hair Directors James Nicolson and Lucy Lasenzaniro

Co-Hair directors James Nicolson and Lucy Lasenzaniro created a contemporary “Lady of the Lake” inspired look for the 12 models. The end result was a dewy rope-like textured up-style, which enthused a feminine ambiance, whilst complementing the elegant garments.

1. Prime damp hair with KEVIN.MURPHY Staying.Alive, taking a deep parting on the left
2. Take a section at the back below the crown from ear to ear and tie off in a ponytail with an elastic just below the occipital bone.
3. Working in very small sections, prep each section with a cocktail of KEVIN.MURPHY Super.Goo and Hair.Resort.Spray, mixed in your hands and ‘palming’ each section between the flat of your hands.
4. Then, take the same sections, form a figure eight and secure with a pin curl clip
5. Continue this technique, directing hair forward on the top sections and throughout the ponytail and leave to dry.
6. Removing all pin curl clips and working in front of the mirror, start to gather all of the hair from the front sections by draping them forward over the face then back low over the ears and secure over the ponytail with hat elastic
7. Take the ponytail in two sections one above and one below; tie each section into a knot without tension. Secure with hat elastic.
8. Finish with KEVIN.MURPHY Session.Spray or Texure.Master.

For more information about Kevin Murphy, visit or call 1800 104 204.

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