KEVIN.MURPHY will style the Myer Spring Summer 15 Fashion Launch Parade, playing with pinks, purples and classic waves in a daring look that will complement the collection’s underwater inspired aesthetic.

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The Myer SS15 total look by KEVIN.MURPHY and Napoleon Perdis

Stylistically, the hair is inspired by Katherine Hepburn and the classic waves of the 30s and 40s, accentuated to literally represent the waves of the underwater theme. Co-Hair Directors Nathan Gorman and James Nicholson primed the hair with Resort Spray, and then prepped the hair’s strong style with Fresh Hair and a White Colour Bug dry shampoo.

In its colour, the hair couldn’t be more different, drawing from pop art, graffiti and manga cartoons with candy pinks and purples, baby blues, lemon and mint greens. Colour bugs and pigments were used to create the bold colours, while pops of glitter add the sparkle and wetness of the underwater environment of the show.

“There’s definitely a good heavy dose of pop art in the colours and even a bit of graffiti, but you can see the styling is quintessentially influenced by the 40’s, with the beautiful wave through the front,” Nicholson explained of the eclectic look. “We will definitely be one of the brighter aspects of the show, but there are lots of pops of colour coming through for Spring Summer.”

James Nicholson for KEVIN MURPHY

Co-Hair Director James Nicholson 

The makeup look, led by Kate Squires of Napoleon Perdis, was in keeping with the theme. “The idea behind this is a Scandinavian mermaid that’s emerging from the ice,” said Squires. “We use beautiful sun kissed colours, her skin is really dewy and fresh.” The eyes are a feature, with shimmery golds and peaches making them pop, while a nude lip, natural brows and a warm flush to the face show restraint with colour, allowing the hair team to go bright. Dusted glitter and a trendy glitter French manicure add some magic to the make up look.

Kevin Murphy himself will be in Australia to style the show on August 7th at Carriageworks, where the looks will be unveiled in front of a VIP crowd. “I’m very excited to be working with Myer on this prestigious event for the sixth season,” said Murphy. “Spring Summer collections are always playful and colourful, so it really is a time when we can experiment with hair on the runway, which I’m looking forward to.”

Get the look:

Step 1: Prime using Hair.Resort.Spray when the hair is dry
Step 2: Part the hair off centre and using a medium tong, tong the hair on the front and top to create volume.
Step 3: Loosely braid both sides back toward the nape
Step 4: Stitch with hair elastic, rolling up away from hairline, toward the nape. The aim is to create a Katharine Hepburn silhouette
Step 5: Once the style has been created, apply Fresh.Hair and White.Bug liberally until ‘Marie Antoinette’ white hair is achieved, then seal with Session.Spray
Step 6: It’s time to get creative with colour! Pick your favourite Color.Bug and rub into the hair, then finish with Shimmer.Shine

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