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New from the always on-trend professional salon brand, KEVIN.MURPHY is their latest styling addition – ROUGH.RIDER Matte Clay. Perfect for looks that need volume, ROUGH.RIDER provides a strong hold without losing moisture, writes Ruth Cooper.

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According to the man behind the brand, Kevin Murphy, (who Vogue credits as the creator of the iconic ‘beach hair’ look, FYI), “inspiration for ROUGH.RIDER was drawn from the ‘Teddy Boy’ looks of the late 50s. A subculture from London, the ‘Teddy Boys’ had very extreme hairstyles for their day.”

“The hair was all piled on top of the head and sculpted and moulded into shape, this required a product that gave you volume and hold,” said Murphy.



Enriched with soya bean extracts for nourishment and golden bamboo for strength, ROUGH.RIDER helps maintain scalp health while creating styles with a matte finish.

To use, simply rub a small amount between palms and distribute evenly through damp or dry hair.

For more information about KEVIN.MURPHY visit or call 1800 104 204.

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