Local hair brand Khairpep has announced their new face, teaming up with Kerrie DiMattia, Creative Director and Owner of DiMattia & Co Hairdressing, to unveil the decision. The new face is Lara Hooklyn, who notably starred in Kerrie’s recent DISCARDED collection. Her hair fittingly exudes the Khairpep aesthetic, built with shine, health, strength and manageability.

“Kerrie has been an avid supporter and advocate of Khairpep for 2 years now, after being introduced to it through Carl Keeley , and we loved the fact that she had also introduced Lara to the product, to guarantee her hair would be in top condition for her photoshoots,” says Khairpep Australia’s Brian Smith. “Lara is the perfect example of the wonders that Khairpep can work on dehydrated, overworked or coloured/chemically treated hair and transform it into hair like Lara’s – healthy, soft, shiny and manageable.”

Khairpep is presented as a leave-in hair masque or serum, which treats the hair in just four minutes. The products’ hero K18 Peptide contains amino acids that deliver a natural keratin protein to the hair, restoring hair health and staying in the hair despite further cleansing.

“Lara has great hair, and we’ve used her in a lot of our shoots over the last few years. Looking back on those shoots now, I can see the difference in the health of her hair since using Khairpep regularly,” Kerrie said.

“Her hair gets its fair share of torment; from heated styling tools on set, sun and surf most weekends, and of late, regular lightening services. Before using Khairpep regularly – and even though it isn’t fragile hair – it had a tendency to become very brittle and dehydrated especially over summer and lacked the body and shine you can see in here. Lara’s hair is as incredible to work with these days, as she is. Magic just happens thanks to Khairpep,” she continued.

Touted as internal hair repair, Khairpep offers a direct response to damage caused by endless colour and texture hair services. Lara becoming the new face (and hair) of the brand shows the quality up front.

“We all know that it can be hard at times to educate clients on the benefits of respecting not only their hair but also the work we put into their fresh new look,” Kerrie said. “Introducing our DiMattia & Co clients to Khairpep by integrating it into all of our colour services, and including a take-home cost into all our quotes, has been a game-changer for our salon. It’s the next level in haircare, and it’s the best product I’ve worked with for many, many years. Our clients recognise the benefits – they are undeniable and they see the results – just as you see it with Lara in the Khairpep advertising campaign!”

“Khairpep is my go-to haircare brand; the products help me protect my hair, especially when styling and colouring, and the take-home range allows me to maintain that salon feel at home,” Lara agreed. “I am constantly in saltwater which means I need products that restore and hydrate my hair. I have found through using Khairpep, my hair is now so much easier to detangle, I have less fly aways and it always feels nourished.”

For more information visit www.khairpep.com.au