We’re wishing everyone’s favourite Kardashian (a dubious title, but we’ll go with it) a happy 32nd birthday this week the best way we know how – tracking back through her major hair moments, and the many times she’s inspired your clients to change it up. As we all know, a Kardashian hair change is gold in the salon, and while Khloe may be a bit more conservative than some of her sisters with her hair (Kylie, we’re looking at you), she still offers major commercial inspiration.

With a recent bob cut, her mastery over the ombré hair trend and a penchant for changing it up with extensions, it’s never been a better time to celebrate Khloe’s hair – and how much it influences your salon business. Take a look at 7 of her major hair moments here.

1. Gone but not forgotten is Khloe’s dalliance with brunette (or, at least, we won’t let you forget).


2. To use Kardashian generation lingo – her ombré game is on point (sorry, we had to).


3. She’s not the first Kardashian to rock this style of braids, but she does it well.


4. This trendy wavy lob was just the beginning for the reality star…


5. Who recently debuted her shortest cut ever on Instagram.


6. Slicked back and runway chic on the red carpet.


7. And finally – we’re calling it – the perfect bombshell blonde.


Which hair looks do you think suit her most?