The internet barely has time to fix itself before Kim Kardashian West is breaking it again.

Having already sent the beauty world into chaos with a drastic bob cut and then by announcing in her interview with Into The Gloss that she only washes her hair every five days (gasp!), Kim has again sent shock waves through the hair industry by going platinum blonde.

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If you haven’t already rapidly discovered, this change will have a specific effect on you and your salon, with clients bound to casually whip out their favourite Blonde Kim image when in your chair. We’ve sourced a hairdressing perspective on the divisive look.

“Already in the last few days many clients have been commenting on it,” said Edwards and Co. Colourist and Redken Global Artist, Kristina Russell. “It is attracting a lot of conversation in the salon and amongst hairdressers.”

So the next time your client asks for The Kim, here are the 7 things you need to say.

1. “Book a consultation first”

“For any massive hair colour change I always suggest to have a consultation ahead of the appointment date, just to make sure they have enough time allocated, are aware of pricing and home hair maintenance,” said Kristina.

Clients may not understand the massive amount of time, money and effort (not to mention hairdressing skill) that goes in to a look like this. A consultation would outline just what’s needed to achieve this colour, and ensure that they’re willing to go ahead with the trend.

“It is a great, sexy look but knowing all the information before going for it is essential so you don’t regret it later,” said Salon X Colour Director, Danielle Deane.

2. “Get ready to spend A LOT of time in the salon”

“Although Kim’s colour is hot it does require a lot of time, commitment and maintenance for the client,” said Danielle. “It could be an all-day salon visit or even a couple of visits to achieve this result especially if the hair is dark and or coloured.” It’s important both the client and stylist are aware of the large amount of time required, often over several visits, especially for clients starting out as dark as Kim.


3. “How easily will you be able to maintain this at home?”

As we know, achieving the desired look doesn’t stop the second clients walk out the salon door, and a bold colour look like this, in particular, requires more homework than your clients may imagine. Adjusting the tone, maintaining the colour and ensuring extra attention to the health of the hair are all vital steps in the platinum process, even if all those details don’t necessarily make it onto the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

4. “Consider the state of your hair”

“I have in the past advised clients against certain hair colour services,” Kristina shared. “The things we would decide on would be their current integrity of hair or health of hair, and if it was actually physically possible.”
“If wanting this colour my advice would be to book in with an experienced colourist where he or she can do a test strand first so the integrity of the hair can be maintained,” Danielle agreed.

5. “Do you want to prioritise length or colour?”

Sometimes with a colour change this dramatic, your client won’t have the luxury of having both – so it’s important to consider their hair priorities before making such a bold change. “If they want length, the main thing to consider is to be really gentle to the hair, but if they are a person who’s willing to have their hair cut and cut off old colour they’ve got a very fresh canvas,” said Kristina. Their hair needs, not their Instagram feed, will have to dictate how gentle or vibrant the colour can be.

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6. “Not everything is as it seems in the media”

The platinum blonde Instagram pics that garner millions of likes, mask the use of extensions, filters and behind the scenes detail in creating the spectacle that is Kim Kardashian West. While there are new salon technologies that can help your client achieve a similar look, the commitment can’t be underestimated, and they still may not end up looking like a Kim clone anyway.

7. “Make the right change for YOU”

“With these massive trends that get a lot of interest, what I think is fantastic about them, is that they promote change or they inspire a change for a client, whether they want to replicate what they see in the image or it just gives them the desire to have an adjustment or something new,” said Kristina.

While this impending trend does pose some difficulties, we encourage anything that facilitates these conversations with your clients. Just make sure that your client is making the right choice for their aesthetic, and not mindlessly copying what they see on E!

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