We hope we’re not being fooled, but April 1st is long in the past and Kim Kardashian’s hair is red on Instagram. Adding to the mystery – her colourist has categorically stated that this major colour change is not a wig.

Kim posted the look to her stories, shocking her 177 million followers by telling and showing them she coloured her hair. Meanwhile her go-to colourist Chris Appleton posted the look himself and confirmed it isn’t a wig.

“We felt a red vibe. I worked with Kim’s skin tone to create red that suits her and that’s why I left the darker root,” Chris told People. The look was inspired by Kim’s fiery look in a 2019 KKW promo shoot, created for the Sooo Fire collection.

“We left the roots her normal shade to keep the scalp and hair growth strong and then slightly lightened from about an inch towards the end. Then once the hair was lightened we went over it with this vibrant red,” Chris continued.

This new look has made the rounds on news sites worldwide. Did we mention that everything Kim has 177 million Instagram followers? Everything she touches turns to trend and her dramatic hair transformations have been well known to break the internet, so keep this look, application style and hue front of mind as a salon conversation starter, transformation suggestion or just a think piece for post-lockdown colours trends in the pipeline.