Mane Salon stylist Kiri Kirkby was announced as the inaugural Global.Synergy NZ 2014 winner at an industry event. Hosted by Emiliano Vitale and WELLA Australia/New Zealand, the event was held at Servilles Academy in Auckland on August 18th. Kirkby has won a trip to Australia to participate backstage at Ssshhh on November 16th, alongside industry icons such as Brooks & Brooks, SACO, Robert Lobetta and è SALON.


Global.Synergy NZ finalists and mentors

“This is truly incredible. This really is my dream opportunity and I am so excited! Bring it on,” Kirkby enthused. “Global.Synergy NZ has been above and beyond what I ever expected and I truly cannot wait to share this journey with others.”

Global.Synergy NZ 2014 winner Kiri Kirkby & Emiliano Vitale

Kiri Kirkby and Emiliano Vitale

The awards night showcased the artistic talent of the è SALON Creative Team, who styled two models, and Shane Beveridge, Kelly Manu, Nicole Gordon and Kaleb Pritchard of the INDUSTRY Creative Team, who presented eight. Each Global.Synergy Finalist styled two models, with looks inspired by the latest Lela Jacobs fashion collection, as well as showing off elements of their individual aesthetic.

Kiri Kirkby - Global.Synergy NZ 2014 creations

Models for Kirkby’s final looks

The awards night followed an intensive mentorship weekend for the finalists, who were educated by some of the industry’s biggest names. The impressive line-up included Vitale and Lisa Muscat (é SALON Australia), Dario Cotroneo (DCI Australia), Sandy Chong (SUKI Australia) Sara Allsop, Jock Robson, Michael Beel and Shar Sutherland Todd.

“The whole Global.Synergy NZ 2014 experience was one of the most rewarding of my career,” said Vitale. “To see the transformation of these amazing individuals over the weekend was just awe inspiring. Seeing each of their reactions after each mentor session was priceless. You just knew they were going to be taking life, creative and career skills home with them that would help each and every one of them achieve their dreams.”

Kiri Roberts - Mane Salon - Photog- JAM Photography

Kirkby’s photographic entry

Amongst tough competition, Kirkby was chosen for her spirit, commitment and enthusiasm, with an infectious attitude that pushed her other competitors to achieve their best. Vitale thought her selfless and passionate outlook would make her a great ambassador for the growing program.

“I have been incredibly inspired by what I have learned and feel super blessed to be a part of this amazing opportunity,” said Kirkby. “What has really stuck with me from the weekend is to be true to who I am as a hairdresser and this will allow me to be the best I can be.”

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