The Kizkur Collection by Mikel Luzea acts an ode to the curl – with the style created in all its various permutations and displayed across different forms of digital media.

Kizkur is a Basque word for curly, and the collection keeps to its theme, with big curls in rich, editorial and trendy commercial hues. Complex braiding, sectioning, buns and headpieces amongst these curls keep the looks fresh and innovative; demonstrating just how much can be done with this staple style.

The video shows off how these images came to a life, an intimate portrayal of the editorial creation process that is a must-see for all editorial stylists.

Watch the video and see the images below.





Film: Mikel Luzea
Hair: Mikel Luzea
Makeup: Alicia Najera
Photography: David Muñiz
Styling: Edurne Ibañez
Headdress: Esperanza Vela
Products: Revlon Professional