KMS California is excited to reveal its 2014 campaign, Obsessed with Style, which celebrates individuality through freedom of style.


KMS California Obsessed with Style campaign

Inspired by the brand’s vibrant packaging, the campaign explores playing with colour outside the lines. The series of images, featuring ten talents, brings to life Obsessed with Style through expression of individual freedom, originality, individuality and fearlessness, celebrating hair as an individual calling card.


Global Artistic Director and 2012 NAHA winner Edwin Johnston (Canada), and Global Artistic Director and co-owner of Our Place Salon, Clive Allwright (Australia), led the team in creating looks to deliver street-inspired, highly professional, wearable hair with a very high level of styling finish.


“The combination of editorial styling and precision haircutting was an important component that Clive and I focused on early in the creative process,” said Edwin. “Education is about taking creative ideas that inspire your peers, but it’s also about establishing techniques that make this idea relevant in the salon today. With KMS and innovative techniques we hopefully have created a campaign that will not only inspire the hairstylist, but also give them the confidence to produce their own original styles.”


Led by the concept of tensions, the wardrobe direction for the campaign called for an eclectic mix of new and vintage pieces, signalling the vibrancy and openness that are part of the KMS philosophy.


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