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Kutrize Salon Profile

The first thing you need to know about Kutrizé salon is that it’s celebrating its 22nd anniversary in January. The second thing is that it’s entirely new, in every facet of the word.

Thanks to a complete renovation (“I’ve ripped the salon apart,” salon owner Daniela Ubaldi revealed) those two statements are congruous, and Kutrizé is benefitting from a longstanding culture with a new aesthetic, new services and, really, a new start.

“It was a bit tired,” Daniela shared of the old salon. “[The renovation] was well due. I had just come back full time after having a family, so it was more about creating a new space and a more boutique style feel, where it wasn’t ‘come in, hurry up and get out’. It was to offer a little more of what clients want these days.”

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What clients want, it seems, is luxury, and Kutrize is delivering. It’s the little things, massages, eye patches at the basins, a bit more of a scalp treatment, as well as coffees, teas, wine, cheese platters on Thursday nights and sandwiches on Friday. The new salon has been built on a lot more than just new walls and furnishings; it’s constructed on a new concept where time isn’t of the essence. Daniela is actively looking to employ more staff so that more time can be devoted to her clients.

“We were just so busy we forgot about the time factor,” Daniele revealed. “We’re looking to acquire more staff so we can focus on the service, the pampering side of it.” This pampering will includes a beauty section – nail bar, pedicure station, facials and waxing. While Kutrize has always employed a beautician, Daniela has now more personally taken control over this facet of the salon, ensuring the enterprise is a unified one-stop pamper shop.

Ethos aside, the new aesthetic is a big part of the new chapter. What was once an old school Tuscan feel, think Terracotta floors and sponged walls, has been reformed into a predominantly white space, highlighted by chic, modern copper lighting. Between a marble wrap around piece acting as the front desk and hot pink waiting area chairs that are still in the process of being delivered, the word to describe the space is ‘new’.

“New chairs, new mirrors, new benches, a whole new basin area, new sign writing, absolutely anything you can think of that goes in the salon is new,” Daniela said. “I’ve gone for something that I now am very proud of. It’s a bit sexy to be quite honest!”

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This rejuvenated look is bringing in clients from all walks of life. Daniela considers her employees to be jacks of all trades, mastering everything from subtle colour looks to trendy pastels for younger clients, and cuts and up styles of any kind in order to keep up with an incredibly varied clientele. Utilising La Biosthetique and bhave to achieve these looks, the salon is constantly on the up take of the latest trends and the most classic styles, cleverly anticipating the needs of its rapidly expanding client base.

When asked what the one remaining constant is in a salon that finds itself in the midst of change, Daniele doesn’t skip a beat. “Us! The old faces and what we give to the clients are still here. That customer service through and through has never stopped, and the way we work as a team is still the same,” she shared. “Everything else is new.”

With a proper launch scheduled, Kutrizé is more than ready to open its doors to the world. After a month with the new look and approach the salon has been met with acclaim, with new clients admitting it may be better placed in New York or Europe, rather than the Melbourne suburb of Balwyn.

With its new luxury-first ethos, the residents of Balwyn won’t be letting it go any time soon.

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