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La Biosthetique Fund 10,000 Emergency Nutrition Packs Through Colour With Care

This year, La Biosthetique made the commitment to change the world through hair colour, and within just months of their new charity initiative, Colour With Care, hitting Australian salons, the results have already found tremendous success. The program donates a portion of every colour tube sold to Medecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), which provides relief for epidemics, natural disasters, famine and armed conflicts. In just seven months, it has already raised enough funds to provide over 10,000 emergency nutrition packs, given to those on the brink of starvation.

Brett McKinnon

“Our salon joined Colour with Care because we wanted to do more to give back,” said Brett McKinnon, Colour with Care Ambassador and Murphy Gozzard Co-Owner. “The special thing about the program for us is that it involves everyone, even our clients can feel good about donating, simply by getting their colour done.”

These packs are just the first step for the brand, which will call on La Biosthetique salons to open their doors on Sunday August 27 and donate every dollar raised through hair services conducted that day to the cause. Through this venture, they hope to raise enough money to provide 5,000 anti-malaria treatment kits.

“Malaria is an entirely preventable disease, yet it kills 50 children every hour,” Brett said. “Simply by doing what we do best; hair, we can be a part of the solution to end this deadly infectious disease. We hope to make a lasting impact with the Colour with Care initiative. Not just this year, but for many years to come. Already we have caught the attention of countries such as Switzerland, Italy and Poland, who all now looking at implementing the charity partnership in their countries too.”

The brand hopes to provide over 1 million emergency nutrition packs for children, as well as one delivery kit for safe childbirth per salon each fortnight through the power of donations accumulated through the program. With such inspiring results already, the sky is the limit.

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