The new Dermosthetique Anti Age hair care range from La Biosthetique fights against the stress of ageing hair. Hair breakage, split ends, thinning hair and other volume issues are addressed with the cell-active products that target these factors.


The Dermosthetique range offers stronger, thicker hair

La Biosthetique have researched the hair aging process to find that 30% of the aging process is genetic while 70% is caused by damaging external factors, which the new range can help to prevent. The brand report noticeably improved hair quality, texture, hold and volume after use, including the reduction of hair loss by a third in two months and an increase in hair growth by 121%.

279 DERA Shampooing Actif F 200

SHAMPOING ACTIF F: Cell active anti ageing shampoo for fine hair

The strong results are due to intensive ampoules treatment in the products. The range employs two cell active ingredients, phyto-cell-extracts and glycol-cell-extracts to protect and regenerate the cells and keep the hair healthy, active, strong and young.

The range consists of five products, including two shampoos, designed for either fine or thick hair, a leave in keratin complex, a leave in scalp elixir and an intensive treatment that is used over four month to combat follicle damage and thinning hair.

287 DERA Fluid Volume 150

FLUIDE VOLUME: Leave in keratin active volume complex

The range is targeted for those over 35 and fights against the degenerative aging process in both hair and scalp. With products tested in European clinics to develop impressive outcomes, the range’s scientific approach to ageing hair yields results.

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