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La Biosthetique Release Winter Scalp Packs

La Biosthetique are releasing three scalp packs that specifically target scalp concerns for the winter season. Understanding that it is common for clients to only treat the hair whilst ignoring the scalp, despite the fact that the hair follicles require a healthy scalp to grow strong at the roots, the brand is addressing these concerns with targeted products.

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La Biosthetique are releasing three winter scalp packs

The packs respond to the three most common scalp concerns, a dry irritated scalp, an oily scalp and dandruff. To properly address these problems, clients must deal with them individually, rather than treating hair and scalp treatment as one. Common problems such as flakes, itchiness, pain, tightness, hair loss or dull and lifeless hair can all be effects of scalp conditions.

“Nearly 70% of clients who come to us have a scalp condition,” said La Biosthetique Certified Scalp Specialist Kirsty Conias. “Most of the time they’re not even aware they have one or more likely they’re too embarrassed to ask for help.”

The products have been developed with plant based lipoamino acids that combat an array of scalp conditions. The first pack, called BANISH Dandruff, serves to reduce dandruff by 50% within the first few applications. The Epiclean Purifant Shampoo, containing tea tree oil and algae extract, and the Epiclean Equilibrant Scalp Lotion, a hydrolipid balm, alleviate the irritating effect of dandruff and prevent its recurrence.

109 M PEL Epicelan Equilibrant 100

Epiclean Equilibrant Scalp Lotion

The second pack, to relieve dry scalp, increases the scalp’s sebum production by up to 68%, eliminating dry patches of skin. Lipokerine B Shampoo and Ergines B Scalp Lotion, stimulate the natural regeneration of the scalp, create an optimum environment for growth and improve the condition of damaged hair.

138 M VIT Lipokerine B 250

Lipokerine B Shampoo

Pack 3, to Balance an Oily Scalp, uses a Lipokerine A Shampoo and Ergines A Scalp Lotion to reduce sebum production by almost a third, reducing oil and ensuring the hair stays fresh for longer. Group B vitamins, liquorice root extract and panthenol promote hair regeneration and reduce inflammation.

101 M NOR Lipokerine A 250

Lipokerine A Shampoo

Proving that you have to deal with hair problems at their source, La Biosthetique’s three scalp packs contain targeted shampoos and scalp lotions to help the scalp stay healthy through winter.

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