A beauty sanctuary was the go-to retreat for thousands of attendees at Polo in the City, who have La Biosthetique, the event’s official beauty sponsor, to thank for the luxury treatment. The event hosted 2000 people in the middle of Centennial Park, and in the centre of the main lounge sat a premium space titled The Pamper Suite, representing the pinnacle of beauty and style.


At the luxurious Pamper Suite guests sipped champagne and had their makeup touched up by professional artists using high-grade La Biosthetique beauty products. Influencers Keira Rumble (Krumble), Bonnie the Oz Beauty Expert and Lizz Pennings were among the many high-profile guests to pay a visit, reinforcing the partnership between La Biosthetique and Polo in the City, which connect in their commitment to style and in their European backgrounds.


“The Pamper Suite was a complete success, we had women in there all day getting their make-up refreshed,” said Karen Aubin, Marketing Manager La Biosthetique. “They all loved the opportunity to come into the space and be utterly pampered whilst at the Polo.”


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