Sydney’s A-list were hosted at a trendy soiree at Vine, Double Bay, to celebrate a dual celebration – the 10th anniversary of label.m Professional Haircare and the launch of the brand’s inaugural male haircare line, With whiskey sours and rusty nail cocktails, along with a rock and roll DJ setting the party vibe, the brand showcased how adept they’ve become at catering to the male market.


Harnessing figures that point to the growth of the male grooming market, which has an estimated worth of $35 billion globally, label.m have responded with a seven-product men’s range. Other stats indicate that almost three quarters of men are keen grooming shoppers, but 1 in 5 are only drawn to products that are specifically marketed to men. As such, is definitively male-orientated, with royal blue packaging, and targeted at professional men’s stylists and barbers as well.


Comprised of a Scalp Purifying Shampoo, Grooming Cream, Thickening Tonic, Deconstructor, Max Wax, Grooming Cream and Sculpting Pomade, the range appeals to the modern man, whether they are searching for matte texture, definition, strong hold, natural finish or shine. The range was created by the International Artistic Team, led by Toni Mascolo and Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck.


The event was centred around the business and product developments that inform the collection. By way of decoration, bell jars filled with the key ingredients that make up the range lined the tables, alongside chic antique furniture, while placards outlining the range and the brand sat on easels around the room. Label.m Global Education Manager Eamonn Boreham travelled from the UK to present the range, styling three models by utilising the products.


“We are thrilled to be launching the sub range into the Australian market. The seven piece range reflects the trends we are seeing on Australian men,” said label.m Professional Haircare Brand Manager Kay Neylan. “From the barbering chair to the street, the range has something to suit every man’s individual style. label.m Professional Haircare are excited to have an exclusive offering for male clients and tonight is all about celebrating that!”

Eamonn Boreham

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