evo’s new curl range is built with the ethos of simplicity, effectiveness and diversity, speaking to a range of curls and championing the notion of filter-free, natural beauty, simply enhanced and managed by great products, rather than masking or concealing those real qualities. As developed by the brand and renowned hairdresser Lauren McCowan, the collection of five products personifies the idea of curls as they exist in 2020.

“This is a big passion project of mine. It’s taken me two and a half years to bring this to life. A couple of products have moved to different families. I’ve been making space in the curl family to do this,” Lauren said. “It’s so linked into the way the world’s going with body positivity. That push back on social media of filters, as people are becoming more and more aware of health and wellness, that it’s only natural that it translates up into your hair as well, and not forcing and manufacturing your hair to do things it was never meant to do.”

The collection is based around texture as a longstanding global trend, and utilising and managing that texture in equal measure. It allows clients with textured hair mainstream and versatile options to enhance that, rather than feeling the need to straighten and change their hair completely. What was essential for the brand was the notion that this would apply to a range of people and curly hair types.

“Many products on the market cater to a middle curl, like a Caucasian girl. They forget about or don’t worry about the curl type that has that light texture that could be built up, but it’s fine, it’s delicate hair right up to tight curly, like coil, afro textures that no one really looks after properly, unless they’re a specifically into that,” Lauren said. “That’s just, for me, as a hairstylist, it’s a big passion point of mine and a big pain point because as hairdressers, hair is hair. If you’re a good hairdresser, any head of hair should be able to sit in front of you and you should be confident doing that, and if you’re not, then you need to learn.”

The products aim to simplify the curl management process for both clients and hairdressers, with the collection being both exclusive and effective. Essentially, the products work for every curl type, with the key words being both “curl-specific” and “curl-inclusive”.

“That’s really the kind of vibe for evo. Just let your hair be hair. Whatever texture, whoever you are, whatever background and ethnicity you are, there is a product in evo that you can use and have fun with without feeling ostracised,” Lauren said. “I’ve tried to make the easiest, least complicated set of products that will just help knock over that biggest wall as fast as it can, which, as a brand, that’s something that evo really works to do. It constantly pushes boundaries and challenges the status quo.”

The collection is comprised of five products. springsclean offers a deep clean rinse as a no foaming gel, which prioritises scalp care that can sometimes go missing when consumers are solely concerned about their curls in the mids and ends and the worry that scalp-specific products will detract from that. This detoxing product allows for textured curls, while also importantly breaking through scalp debris.

heads will roll is a co-wash conditioning cleanser, with treatment and moisturising properties. The luxury product is to be used every so often to reset the hair, with every facet of the product accounted for.

“I’ve put a really beautiful luxe fragrance in here, because the other thing that I found when I was looking at a lot of curly hair brands was that all of them have some kind of coconut-based fragrance or some kind of fruity lime fragrance. Just because we want to wear our hair curly, it doesn’t mean we’re on holiday,” Lauren said. “I’m not choosing to not blow dry my hair. I’m choosing to wear my hair beautifully, the way it’s supposed to be.”

The collection continues with baby got bounce, an intensive treatment product that speaks to global market necessities. This product breaks the mould by coming as a spray, rather than as a thicker product in a tub, becoming an easy three-minute rinse out treatment that doesn’t create the need for unnecessary product.

“This is very much about really intensive restructuring the hair; so proteins and moisturisers really feeding the hair, but it’s super lightweight,” Lauren said. “It also has a film form in it that lays a cuticle flat on the outside of the hair. It picks up the curl pattern and helps prep the hair really beautifully for styling as well.”

The group includes liquid rollers, which is an already established and iconic product for the brand and hasn’t been changed, but works in perfectly to this specific brand category. The product is renowned globally for its ability to control frizz and retain moisture, with a covetable texture that has made it a shelf, kit and bathroom staple.

The final product is total recoil, a unique curl definer that merges the texture of top-tier fiber creams with the hold of evo’s gangster grip stronghold styling gel. The cream is water soluble to melt into curly hair and act as a must-have elasticiser.


evo has created a series of before and after images that purely use the products and no heat styling to showcase the power of the products on curls, ranging from a soft wave to a tight curl and more.


“The whole range is sulfate, paraben, DEA, TEA, propylene and glycol free; free of all the nasties. We’ve never tested on animals, but everything in our bottles is active, there’s no filler ingredients,” Lauren said. “We’re very excited for this to hit the market, and just make curly hair really fun and enjoyable. They’re curl-specific, but there are a lot of crossover into other products with evo as well. They work in really beautifully together.”

Beyond product, Lauren is passionate around education as it pertains to curly hair. She speaks to the diversity of hair types in the Australian landscape and the need for hairdressers to seek out online education that focuses on this skill set, as the offering is out there can be quite difficult to find.

“I think that, especially in the Australian market, we don’t have a huge market for those kind of curl textures, but they are actually everywhere. Australia is such a multicultural country,” Lauren said. “It’s like anything with education, and you need to look at and be able to be self-critical, not in a damaging way, but be self-critical on your skillset where you’re like these are the areas that I know I can improve on, knowing that I want to be able to help everyone.”

“It’s about identifying where your weaknesses are and working on being confident because we’re in the business of human connection. The last thing you want to do is have someone sit down with a hair texture you can’t look after and make them feel less for it,” she continued. “If you’re a hairdresser, turning clients away just doesn’t sit right with me. Hair is hair. So that’s been a really big thing for me, and you’ll see that in a lot of the education that comes out about this, on how to understand and feed curly hair. To actually break down that fear wall for yourself so you can look up to everyone else because that’s what a hairdresser’s job is.”

It’s an era built for clients embracing their natural beauty and the professional industry styling, catering to and enhancing that as necessary – and we’re all the better for that. Work with that sense of comfort and innovation with education and products that champion curly hair.

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