Education is paramount at a difficult time in the industry, particularly business education that speaks to fortifying and building your salon into the best space it can be.

Beauty Boss Business Founder Melanie Burnicle offers seven key steps in this endeavor, all of which conveniently starts with C, that she will be teaching in her online education platform. Here’s a taste of her vitamin C strategy to making your salon business that much better.

1. Candidness

“Taking a good look at your existing business and really being aware of your what is happening in your business and invoicing expenses is important,” Melanie said. “Are you spending too much money when you are not bringing in enough dollars to cover the expenses? Do you create a budget for yourself to follow? You can’t move forward in business if you can’t be honest with yourself about your present situation. Feeling bad for being behind in your taxes or not having a strategy in place is not what we are about, you need to take responsibility for your business, accept where you are at within your business and acknowledge what needs to change. Turning a blind eye to things keeps them piling up and digging a bigger hole for yourself.”

2. Clarity

“Be clear about your purpose, personal and business brand and goals,” Melanie advised. “If you don’t know who you are and where you want to go, how will you know if you reached your destination? If you don’t know who you are and what you’re selling and who your audience or consumer might be, then how are they meant to relate to you? Clarity is power.”

3. Creative thinking

“There are structures and formats to getting your business foundations strong, but using your skills as a creative and thinking outside the box makes you stand out and get noticed,” Melanie said. “Think about how everyone else does things and how you can do it better or different. How can you utilise your skill set to really shine and allow your client, consumer or audience to get to know you and remember you?”

4. Construct

“Once you know what you’re about, and you have clarity constructing a strategy, it is much easier and enjoyable. A marketing and sales strategy needs to be the most important to work on,” Melanie added. “What forms of marketing are you going to choose to use, how often will you do a campaign, and how much money are you willing to spend? In regards to sales, how will you generate income for your business, how much do you want to earn and how are you going to make that happen?”

5. Communicate

“If no one knows about you, you won’t work, so it’s important to get out there,” Melanie said. “Your past clients are an easy target for your marketing as they know and understand your brand already. So many people forget about them and are constantly looking for new clients. Use your database that you already have for a soft sell and then work at creating new clients.”

6. Consistency

“When building trust with clients, customers and your audience, it is imperative that your message and your brand is consistent across your social platforms, websites and EDMs. Consistency is key for building brand trust,” Melanie advised.

7. Celebrate

“Take a moment to give yourself the time to appreciate reaching your goals, so there is a true sense of satisfaction and a full circle from start to finish. Then you are free to create new goals!”