Lucas Nascimento’s A/W ’14 collection took his signature skill of manipulating knits in a chunky yet soft direction, with prints, block colours and textures embodying a filmic 1970s quality.


ghd hair director, Kenna, flattered the heavy, block collection with a 70s noir look which featured a side parting from the 40s with the one-sided width of the 70s parting. The sleek, pulled-back side provided a sexy peek-a-boo effect, with shine concentrated at the parting and volume kept low on the top of the head to balance hair with the modern tailoring of the collection.


“In order to mirror the modern tailoring seen in the Lucas Nascimento AW14 collection, we concentrated shine at the parting of the hair and volume was kept low on top of the head. The ghd eclipse was the key styling tool to create width and reflect the raw edges found in the collection,” said ghd hair director, Kenna.


Prep: To create a textured base apply ghd style root lift spray to wet hair

1. Blast the hair dry with the ghd air hairdryer.

2. Make a wide side parting on the right hand side of the head with the ghd detangling comb and follow it down the curve of the head to the nape.

3. Brush this smaller section of hair flat using the ghd oval dressing brush and lightly spray with ghd style final fix spray. Tie this section of hair back with an elastic band.

4. Section the rest of the hair to the left. Using the ghd eclipse, create soft wide 70s style waves by taking two inch sections of the hair and placing the styler in at the root, bottom up, close to the head.

5. Rotate the styler 180 degrees clockwise pushing the hair down and diagonally a few centimetres, then rotating anticlockwise by 180 degrees – repeating to the ends. This will get width in the silhouette.

6. Brush out with ghd paddle brush to break the waves and put distance between each hair, creating width and an “airy” texture.

7. To soften the grooves take the hair in two sections, top and bottom, and blow dry on a slow and medium heat with the ghd air and ghd paddle brush.

8. Finish by gently misting the hair with ghd style final fix hairspray.

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