Todd Lynn’s A/W ’14 collection interpreted the intensity of painter Jonas Burgert’s work, showcasing playfulness mixed with violence where dark, dirty colours are juxtaposed by neon green and strong patterns.


The styling is all about wrapping and unexpected layering; leather straps secure ends and toughen the Todd Lynn girl for battle.

ghd hair director, Kenna created a hair look that reflected the odd layering and harshness of the collection. Kenna skewed the top section with shimmering shine, while the lower sections remained smooth and luxurious.


“We used the ghd eclipse to create a half up, half down, skewed look with killer shine to reflect the bound layering and harsh motifs seen in the Todd Lynn AW14 collection,” said Kenna.


Prep: To create a solid base apply ghd style root lift spray to wet hair

1. Use the ghd air hairdryer and ghd paddle brush to train the roots of the hair back towards the crown creating a nice clean, flat blow dry.

2. Create a section in the hair by parting at the top in line with the left eye and back, diagonally. Meet this with another parting taken from an inch above the right ear to the back of the head.

3. Comb this section backward with the ghd oval dressing brush and spray with enough ghd style final fix hairspray to give a mirror shine.

4. Tie this section with an elastic and use a section of the hair in this ponytail to wrap around the elastic.

5. Create a second ponytail by taking an inch wide section from the hair directly underneath the top ponytail and secure at the nape.

6. Spray the top ponytail with ghd style final fix hairspray and flatten with the ghd eclipse.

7. Look down and secure the top ponytail and bottom ponytail together at the nape with an elastic.

8. Use the ghd air to go over the remaining loose hair, flattening the roots as you blow dry.

9. Go over the lengths of the hair with the ghd eclipse to smooth and direct ends of the hair slightly forward.

10. Lightly spray the style with ghd style final fix hairspray to secure the look.

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