As the lines blur between activewear, everyday wear and comfortable workwear, we are seeing innovative brands like RY7E Collective make our everyday a more comfortable place to be. We take a look at what it takes to build a successful brand in a crowded market.

From celebrities to the most known influencers and locals with and humble individuals with a strong fan base, RY7E has moved their way up the crowded activewear ladder with durability and comfort as top of mind. We chatted with founder Betul Bose about some of the fans of the brand including wife of famous hairdresser Joey Scandizzo, Jane Scandizzo, and her love of the brand.

What was your vision when creating activewear in a crowded activewear market?

For us, it was all about creating pieces that were of the highest quality, functional, comfortable and could become staple pieces in the wardrobe of every woman – no matter what age, size, occupation or fitness level. I had several experiences where I was buying pieces from well-known brands, paying good money and each time I was let down by the quality. I thought if I am getting sick of this, others must be as well.

How have you built a relationship with influencers and celebrities who love your brand?

From the outset, we understood the importance of building our brand name and creating reputation and so we approached a number of well-known influencers and celebrities to work alongside us as part of our launch and then also gifted lots of pieces to women all around Australia. We knew that once we could get our products in front of people, the quality and designs would win them over and they’d become customers.

How does the aesthetic of your brand elevate activewear beyond just the active environment?

We are always receiving feedback on how comfortable and supportive our pieces are and we are finding more and more people are telling us that they are wearing the RY7E brand as everyday wear versus activewear. I think that people just want to feel confident in what they wear and we have designed a range that does just that. We have a good range of colours from the traditional black to our pastels to our snake print seamless – we really have something for everyone.

What are some of the features that set your brand apart?

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we have stayed true to our mission of comfortable and functional pieces. Our audience really appreciates the colour and pattern range we have available and the classic cuts of all our products. Key features include the soft stretch fabric that we spent many months sourcing to ensure our products are the highest of quality, affordable and most importantly squat proof.

What are some of your top sellers and hero products?

Our full-length leggings are our top sellers, with fans all around the world. The unique cross back feature of our Crossroads leggings have also proved extremely popular. Our loungewear hoodie and joggers, which are available in three colours, are also big sellers and have featured on many sites and reviews. More recently, our two-piece Seamless Sets have been gaining plenty of attention.

Jane Scandizzo and son

How have you managed to gain some exposure in a difficult market?

It hasn’t been easy, but we knew that we had an excellent product. We engaged a marketing agency to assist us to launch our product and we took the time to speak with people that have had success and learnt from their advice and knowledge. We had confidence in our range and knew we had to be willing to advertise on social channels and gift our products to those that could help us spread the word and that strategy has really paid off for us. The genuine and independent reviews we receive each and every day make it all worth it.

What would your advice be to someone launching a product in a crowded market?

Do your research and be sure to understand your audience and the costs involved in building brand awareness and reaching that audience. Be sure to understand that it takes time and money to build momentum.

What should we expect from RY7E in 2022 and beyond? Have you thought about creating a product for other market segments too?

We are so excited but what the future brings, we are working to expand our range and hope to unveil some exciting new pieces in the coming months. As a mother of young girls, I have also noticed a real gap in the market for that tween age group and so we have been looking into opportunities and hope to make an announcement soon so we can cover the market for every age.

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