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Lily Allen’s 10 Boldest Hair Looks

Lily Allen turns 30 on Saturday, and to celebrate we thought we’d chart her boldest ventures – no, not her risqué songs, but her constantly changing hair colour. The English singer never keeps to one tone for too long, interchanging her multicoloured styles with pastel hues, block colours and even the odd commercial choice.

Which of these 10 looks is your favourite?

1. This commercial black bob with fringe and dark eyeliner to match is probably the most natural you’ll see Lily’s hair – the trendy blunt cut has shades of Cleopatra.


2. Lily’s wavy lob transitions deep black to bold, fiery red throughout the lengths.


3. Or does highlighter yellow take your fancy? Lily pairs her usual graphic eyeliner and black fringe with subtle shades of grey and bright yellow, in this long-haired, high ponytail look.


4. Standing out from the crowd, Lily opts for monochromatic bubblegum pink.


5. How do you wear multicoloured purple, pink and orange hair? With green eye makeup and a whole lot of confidence, of course.


6. Lily pastelises this look with soft, colourful tones worn with dark roots in a style that’s surprisingly wearable. Are any of your clients brave enough?


7. Braiding techniques created in this up style make full use of Lily’s multidimensional, dual-tone red and black look.


8. Not simply content with sporting these unique, eye-catching colours, Lily also shows off an innovative way to wear braids.


9. This chic blonde blunt cut was Lily’s 2015 style of choice, a universal style many of your clients could adopt too.


10. Never happy staying with one colour for too long, Lily’s most recent look, debuted in the past two weeks, incorporates fresh, summery shades of highlighter green, yellow and watermelon-pink. “Not long till I’m 30 , one last hurrah on the hair front,” she posted, next to the colour debut on Instagram.


Happy 30th birthday, indeed.

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