L’Oréal Australia are thanking healthcare workers on the frontline of the pandemic, showing them they care with a campaign that saw them donate over 30,000 beauty products to 40,000 healthcare workers to reward their dedication, hard work, expertise and bravery in these difficult times.

“Today we are all facing unique circumstances, and through our #ActsOfKindness campaign we hope to remind everyone that – we are all in this together,” said Rodrigo Pizarro, Managing Director, L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand. “Australians have never relied on healthcare workers more than they do today. These frontline staff are not only doing everything they can to keep up safe, but each day they are working in high risk jobs whilst many of us work from home. Even as restrictions begin to ease, we must continue to support our healthcare workers as we navigate through the changed conditions and manage any additional cases or transmission.”

This token of appreciation is much appreciated by healthcare workers, who have been reporting irritated skin and hair conditions due to the level of personal protective equipment they have to wear in their job.

“Often nurses working in a COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit has one mask or one hair cover, to be used to again and again. Therefore, we wanted to ensure each care pack included key products that met some of their specific beauty needs,” Rodrigo explained.

“We were proud to work with our long standing partner and social enterprise, Waverley Industries, who offer supported employment opportunities for people living with special needs, to pack and distribute the 40,000 care packs. In a time such as this, it is important to maintain this partnership and importantly to maintain ongoing contracts that provide sustainable work for their staff,” he continued.

Packing processes prioritised the safety and health of staff and partners, as well as the healthcare worked receiving the products, by following strict isolation requirements, utilising necessary necessary protective equipment and undergoing the correct safety measures.

The brand partnered with the Health Workers Union and Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation across the state to ensure care packages reached Public and Private Hospitals, Aged Care, Disability, Community and Aboriginal Health facilities. Workers within these organisations who received products included nurses, Aboriginal-health and community workers, technicians, catering, cleaning, aged-care, security and more.

“We know that this gift isn’t going to change the outcome of COVID-19, but we do hope it will bring some joy and pride to the healthcare workers and makes them feel recognised for the incredible job they are doing,” Rodrigo shared.

Congratulations to L’Oréal Australia on this fantastic initiative.