The L’Oréal Group has made an important decision to ban animal-hair brushes, after a push by PETA US and 80,000 members of the public for the ban in one of their brands, Baxter of California. In a big move from the largest cosmetics and beauty company in the world, the L’Oréal Group has agreed to ban all animal hair, including from badgers and goats.

“Sensitive animals suffer greatly and endure unimaginably violent deaths for every badger- or goat-hair brush,” said PETA Senior Outreach and Partnerships Manager Emily Rice. “L’Oréal Group’s compassionate and clever decision is one step closer to kinder beauty and art industries that embrace synthetic brushes and don’t harm a hair on a badger’s head.”

The move follows exposure from PETA in showcasing the cruel practices in obtaining and creating animal-hair brushes.

L’Oréal Group is now included in the nearly 100 brands – including Procter & Gamble, which owns The Art of Shaving, The New York Shaving Company, and Beau Brummell – that have banned badger-hair brushes after talks with PETA and its international affiliates. PETA continues to call on other companies around the world to do the same.

Congratulations to the L’Oréal Group on this important step forward in reducing animal cruelty.