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L’Oréal Professionnel Announce National Colour Trophy Semi Finalists

There’s a long list of talented names that are currently celebrating and preparing for the next illustrious phase of the L’Oréal Professionnel Colour Trophy Awards. The brand announced the list of semi-finalists for the competition on social media, with the list delineated by state and in two categories of Colour Trophy and Rising Star.

Jason Birch image

The entrants were judged by international stylists (Ken Picton, Shelley Gregory, Jamie and Sally Brooks, Paul Dennison, Jack Howard and Matthew Collins), each surveyed for their exploration of current trends, originality and wearability. Now, there will be a multitude of live semi-final competitions throughout the country, starting with Victoria on October 23rd, then South Australia and Tasmania on October 29th, Western Australia and Northern Territory on October 31st, Queensland on November 6th and New South Wales on November 19th.

The grand finale for all eligible finalists will then take place in Melbourne on February 4th, where the overall winner will progress to the international competition.

Congratulations and good luck to the semi- finalists – you can view the list of names below, and see all entry images here.

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Victoria Colour Trophy Award

Danni Solier & Jamie Furlan image

Brooke Baldry | Anthony Nitson Hair
Mary-Ellen Cigana | Anthony Nitson Hair
Giuseppe Mancuso & Marilyn Guarino | Biba Academy
Courtney Treyvaud & Lyndal Salmon | Biba Academy
Markis Weisheim & Tracey Baird | Biba Academy
Daniel Reynolds | Biba Doncaster
Rebecca Colosimo & Opal Vagelatos | Fratelle Hair & Makeup
Rebecca Goldsworthy & Alishia Pipolo | Fratelle Hair & Makeup
Diana Sercia & Jesica Straker | Fratelle Hair & Makeup
Anita Sercia & Tyra Dador | Fratelle Hair & Makeup
Chloe Kannikoski | Lady Marmalade
Pasquale Porciello & Chris Geracitano | Rakis On Collins
Danny Puopolo | Rakis On Collins
Michelle Meade & Amberley Gittings | Rubi Hair
Jaki Dimasi | Ruby Hair Design
Jason Birch | Xiang Hair
Amanda Lunedei & Jonny Candy | Xiang Hair
Danni Solier & Jamie Furlan | Xiang Hair Sarah
Verschuur | Xiang Hair
Ziyad Nicolas & Darick How | Ziyad Salon

Rising Star Award

Alex Cordell image

Carly Gasson | Jacou
Lucy Webster | Jacou
Chloe Kannikoski | Lady Marmalade
Alex Cordell | Rakis On Collins
Nadia Hamka & Ben Reali | Ziyad Salon

South Australia & Tasmania Colour Trophy Award

Lisa Nguyen & Diana Carnevale image

Marco Giorgio | Artique Hair Studio
Alex Totani | Fon Salon
Sofia Hadgis | L’indulgence Hair, Beauty & Brows
Madi Organ | L’indulgence Hair, Beauty And Brows
Kristy Williams | L’indulgence Hair, Beauty & Brows
Jodie Zerella | Mahiki Hair
Angelo Marro | Marro’s Hair & Beauty
Tina Marro | Marro’s Hair & Beauty
Matthew Nischler | Nischler
Johnny Georgiou | The Parlour Adelaide
Nathan Fraser | The Parlour Glenelg
Joe Cotroneo | Zink The Element Of Hair
Suzi Cotroneo | Zink The Element Of Hair
Lisa Nguyen & Diana Carnevale | Zink The Element Of Hair
Vanessa Rositano & Joanna Gregson | Zink The Element Of Hair
Massimo Tirimacco & Megan Crawley | Zohair

Rising Star Award

Nathan Smith image

Nathan Smith | The Parlour Adelaide

Western Australia & Northern Territory Colour Trophy Award

Maddison Moyle | Circles Of Subiaco
Sharlene Lee | Circles Of Subiaco
Imogen Starr | Circles Of Subiaco
Ben Semple | Circles Of Subiaco
Rachel Debarro| Circles On Fitzgerald
Alexia Mirabile | Hairloom Osborne Park
Connie Faranda | Hairloom Osborne Park
Stephanie Bellairs | Head Graffiti
Jorja | Head Graffiti
Angie Martin | Head Graffiti
Nick Mammoliti & Damien Kabay | Hemisphere Hair
Nick Mammoliti & Kerina Marlow | Hemisphere Hair
Jessica Bates | Jessica Bates Hair Artistry
Melissa Gesualdo | Reno’s On St Quentin
Karen Williams | Taylor Weir International School Of Hairdressing
Anne- Marie Garvey | The Temple Hair
Pascarl Purser | Valentino’s Hair Studio
Chantelle Castle | Viva La Blonde
Terrina Brown | Zedz
Terrina Brown & Kirsty Mclennan | Zedz

Rising Star

Megan Nichols | Bella May Hair Design
Grace Neal | Circles On Fitzgerald
Ben Semple | Circles Of Subiaco
Pascarl Purser | Valentino’s Hair Studio

Queensland Colour Trophy Award

Scott Johnston image

Rebecca Whittington & Anita Scuderi | Adam & Eva Hairdressers
Hayley Power & Jason Mcalister | Adam & Eva Hairdressers
Michelle Donald | Capricorn Hair Studio
Kaylin Mcdonald & Paige Sellings | Capricorn Hair Studio
Scott Johnston | Chipper Hair
Melissa Forrest | Elysium Hair Brisbane
Hayley Brennan | Fred & Holly’s Hair Parlour
Naamah Mckinnon | Fred & Holly’s Hair Parlour
Emily Still | Fred & Holly’s Hair Parlour
Bessie Mckenzie | Globe Creative Marine Vignau | Globe Creative
Tracey Scott | Hair Plus
Wendy Gunn | Ink For Hair
Shannyn Cameron-Smith | Ink For Hair
Beau Minnett | Minx Contemporary Hair Boutique
Brad Rixon & Marselly Conway | Rixon Hair
Eylse Sprott & Alyse Marsh | Rixon Hair
Shannon Strike | Rixon Hair
Louise Turton | Surrender Dorothy Hair Salon Noosa
Deeann Watt | Watt Style

Rising Star

Josie Horner | Globe Creative
Georgia Illingworth | Ink For Hair
Jade Kereama | Ink For Hair
Amanda O’connor | Papas & Pace
Chloe Rainger | Rixon Hair

New South Wales Colour Trophy Award

Taylor Daniel image

Frankie Guascoine | Alanakristian
Julia Tsujeva & Rose Hoffman | Alanakristian
Rose Hoffman | Alanakristian
Jessica Baczynski | Cataldo’s Salon
Emily Bodle | Cataldo’s Salon
Claudia Cataldo | Cataldo’s Salon
Lauren Cataldo | Cataldo’s Salon
Peter Thomsen | Chelsea Haircutters
Allison Lazare & Sarah Beth Mcpherson | Esteem Hair Beauty Spa
James Calabria | Franco Of Canberra
Ara | Malkonyan Hair
Nalie Tcha | Marie-France Group
Helene Nakat | Saba Hair Parramatta
Cathy Scanlon & Vicky Markopolous | Scanlon Hair
Brittany Cristaudo | Sloans
Idy Duong | Sloans
Jordan Hone | Sloans
Scott Sloan & Isobel Allen | Sloans
Taylor Daniel | Taylor Daniel Stylist
George Giavis | The George Giavis Salon

Rising Star

Michael Cataldo image

Michael Cataldo | Cataldo’s Salon
Jessica Schofield | Cataldo’s Salon
Amanda Hicks | Sca Hair & Beauty Academy
Hayley Moriarty | Sca Hair & Beauty Academy
Alysse Simington | Sca Hair & Beauty Academy

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