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Lorna Evans Presents The Conflicting Alignment Collection

The latest from long hair maestro Lorna Evans is her all-new Conflicting Allignment collection, based on the struggle between tough elegance and feminine fragility. Devoid of colour and rooted in textural and stylistic concepts, the dramatic collection uses strong fashion styling and beauty to complement the creativity and grace in the hair looks.

This latest editorial endeavour worked within her famous education opportunities, as Lorna was assisted by her students in the ‘One With The Lot’ Melbourne workshop. The four day workshop covers editorial styling in its many iterations, from bridal to commercial, and the pinnacle of the program is when students assist on the shoot experience, entirely immersing themselves in the world of long hair editorial styling.

The Masterclass will be back in 2018 in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, with more collections to be produced and students continuing to embrace long hair styling expertise completely.


Mentored By Lorna Evans
Assisted by Amber White
Photography by Jason Lau
Styling By Gabrielle Stephens
Designer – Collecting Pretty Boys
Makeup by Melissa Maier
Models – Britney K, Yasemin I, Tyler M, Ellie Jeffery, Steph Phillip, Steph Dixon, Lorin Kauffeld

Hair Stylists:

Daphne Savage
Ayla Farrawell
Frith Krueger
Abby Schofield
Lynn Jaconelli
Mariana Coco
Victoria Padman
Julie Christopher
Rhiannon Blake
Josie Torzillo
May Vern Lee

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