Lorna Evans has released a Red Carpet DVD with a contemporary twist. Modern Red Carpet Secrets Unlocked features ten classic red carpet looks, each with their own unique staple feature.

Classic romantic looks, full bodied curls or their other sophisticated red carpet permutations are presented with unique facets such as double buns or pops of bright colours, making the looks fresh and modern without losing their elegant Hollywood edge.

The variety of looks are diverse and adaptable to clients with any type of long hair, no matter the texture or style, showcasing just why Lorna has made a name for herself in the long hair industry.

The full range of images from the DVD can be viewed below, capturing the eye in both their bravado and big Avant Garde inspired shapes, merged with intricate details such as braids and complex sectioning. Glamorous accessories and elegant gowns in rich colours convey the red carpet environment, setting the stage for the practical how-to video.

Known as a world class educator and praised for her innovative long hair techniques, Lorna presents the best of these qualities on a modern platform. The DVD allows you to practice in the salon or at home and master these new looks, universal techniques and important long hair skills completely.

DVD Credits:

Hair – Lorna Evans
Photographer – Jason Lau
Videographer – Adam & Sam @ Black Ice
Make-up – Melissa Maier
Styling – Lea Oldjohn
Jewellery – Stephanie Brown
Hair Assistants: Amber White , Stephanie Costa, Brooke Moody, Lynne Grey, Alex Haddon

For more information visit lornaevanseducation.com.au