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Macaron Hair Is The New Take On Rainbow

It’s become a pretty regular occurrence for the internet to redefine and recreate the previously singular rainbow hair trend – and really, can you blame them? With the added value of social media and the potential for your new look to go viral, clients are becoming increasingly creative. It’s no wonder that an artistic trend like rainbow hair or its latest permutation will only amuse them for so long before it needs to be turned on its head again.


And with that, we give you Macaron hair, a variation on colourful hair that bears its name and inspiration from everyone’s favourite tasty treats. The look was created by Las Vegas colourist Shelley Gregory, who said her inspiration was “the feeling walking into Laduree, the French macaron shop.”


“I went there a few years ago and I remember loving the color palette,” Shelley told of her muse. “Everything from the crown molding and the way they display the macarons — it sticks with you. It’s kind of like Disneyland, where it’s magic. I wanted that feeling when you look at this hair.”


Laduree Macarons Paris

The look involves hand-painting different pastel hues onto strands of hair, with the style and makeup of the soft tones creating a soft, romantic but still completely creative finish. Also described as ‘toned-down rainbow’, Shelley has treated her Instagram followers to an array of braided and even glitter interpretations of the style, featuring pastel hues such as purple, pink, peach, yellow, blue, mint green and silver.


We could say more about it but we’ll just leave you with this.


And this.

Macaron-Hair-Color-Trend (1)

Who else now really feels like a Macaron?


Images via @shelleygregoryhair on Instagram

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