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Maidens & Rebels by Mahogany Hairdressing

The Maidens & Rebels collection by Mahongany Hairdressing is a collection of contrast. Clashing tones and hard opposing linear angles express the theme of innocence against mischievousness, writes Shannon Gaitz.

The new collection created by the Mahogany Hairdressing Creative Team employs styling by Colin Greaner and Neil Atkinson and Colour by Tai Walker and Michalla Ryder that utilises high colour saturations and is inspired by stylistic references, old and new. 

One look, the Futuristic Maiden, is contrarily, the embodiment of classic symbols, brought into a modern era. The soft, serene look evokes the Dutch artwork “The Girl With a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer, modernised with inspiration from futuristic designer Rick Owens. The Urban Rebel look becomes the literal embodiment of the line’s juxtaposition. Where the first look compared young and old, this look reflects changing social attitudes, created as a rebel against the norm. The bold, graphic shapes are inspired by iconic New York Punk Rock venue CBGB, Iggy Pop and English designer Gareth Pugh.

“The palette [of the collection] sees a strong, high colour saturation where tones clash, yet still mutually correlate,” said Colin Greaney, International Creative Director of Mahogany Hairdressing.


Hair: Colin Greaney and Neil Atkinson

Colour: Tai Walker and Michalla Ryder

Makeup: Jemma Harwood

Styling: Chloe Holland

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional

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