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MalaproPrism Collection

Stevie English’s new collection combines two seemingly separate terms – ‘prism’, the Pink Floyd-ian three-sided object that transforms light into colour and ‘malaproprism’, a verbal mistake, when one says a word that sounds like another word but is actually entirely different.

The unifying feature, according to Stevie, is that both bare the beauty in irregularity. This speaks to Stevie’s appreciation for the widespread acceptance of counter-culture, particularly the more extreme elements of fashion. Celebrity icons such as Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj and fashion photographers such as Terry Richardson and Juergen Teller are a driving force behind this movement, and an inspiration for the collection.

“I was inspired to showcase individuality with colour, to show how unconventional is the new conventional, how experimentation, error and creativity can have brilliant results,” Stevie explained. “The prism inspired me to explore the idea that something ordinary creates extraordinary beauty, how the extreme spectrum of fashion and society is expanding. Everything is ‘normal’.”

These concepts are conveyed in the collection particularly through creative use of colour – vibrant shades which Stevie believes are becoming more mainstream due to celebrity pioneers such as Nicole Richie, Lily Allen and Kelly Osbourne. That means this collection can be much more than just your editorial inspiration – it can have its place in the salon too.

“I see the ‘unconventional convention’ being played out through bold colour work on classic hair shapes: think of a traditional bob in fuschia pink, a lavender pixie cut or a long steel-grey ponytail,” Stevie said. “Bright colours will be worn with an everyday casual fashion. Even conservative folks will add a touch of pastel to their blonde, or a flash of bright under their brown.”

Here’s hoping, Stevie.


Colour – Stevie English
Hairstyling – Missy Veyret
Photography – Ben cook
Makeup – Tahlia Plucke
Assistants – Lauren Priestly

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