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Master the Colour Misting Technique

A colour trend pioneered by American hairdresser Stephanie Lawrence is going viral for all the right reasons, with features on Allure and The Gloss, and a video on social media channel Insider that has amassed over two and a half million views. The technique is called Colour Misting, and it acts as something like airbrushing, but for the hair and without the need for any machinery.

The technique is created by mixing the colour of your choice (Stephanie opts for Pulp Riot, a new addition to the Australian haircare market, for its intense pigment) with half a bottle of water within a spray bottle and then spraying the diluted colour onto the hair. Utilising bright, bold and highly-pigmented colours ensures the dilution doesn’t detract from creating super vibrant hair, and the use of thin mesh strips keeps the newly-sprayed colours in place, without running into each other. From there, utilise a variety of hues for that rainbow look.

The result – watercolour-esque perfection your clients will covet and you’ll probably want to try yourself.

Since being catapulted to viral fame, Stephanie’s talents in all facets of rainbow hair art (think shine lines, vivid undercuts, hidden rainbow colour and sand art hair) have all been widely shared. She boasts over 250,000 Instagram followers, all avidly watching her colourful hair creations.

Just another example of how hair experimentation and a well executed social media strategy can boost your salon, career and profile.

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