Matrix’s new initiative supports their ethos that the power of gifting extends beyond the recipient and should benefit the wider community. As such, welcome The Art of Gifting, a collaboration with aboriginal artist Rachael Sarra, AKA Sar.ra, which brings the brand’s new, vivid and uplifting colour identity to life.

Eight new limited edition shampoo and conditioner gift packs are designed with Rachael’s bold, bright aesthetic, each individually crafted and with options that cater to all hair types. The collection celebrates diversity, beautiful landscapes and Australia’s inimitable heartbeat, while pushing the Matrix community to dare to dream. It proudly evokes our First Nations community and their immense power and inspiration as the longest continuing culture in the world.

Rachael’s aesthetic as an artist and designer is predicated on her identity and experience as a contemporary Aboriginal artist from Goreng Goreng Country. Her art is used as a tool for storytelling, education and sharing her culture and its evolution, also challenging and exploring themes of society’s perception of Aboriginal art and identity. This is all expressed in a feminine, fun and engaging way, becoming the ideal partner for Matrix’s bright but significant brand image.

In support of this partnership, and in the spirit of extending giving ever further, Matrix are donating $10,000 to an independent community organisation titled Sisters Inside, which was chosen by Rachel. The Queensland organisation was established in 1992, and advocates for the collective human rights of women and girls in prison and their families. It provides services to counter criminilisation as the outcome of repeated and intergenerational experiences of poverty, child removal, unemployment and other harrowing issues, which can lead to health issues and substance abuse. First Nations women are therefore over-represented in prisons due to the inherent racism within these structured systems, something Sisters Insides seeks to fight and address.

Matrix’s 40 year history is pioneering a new frontier in 2021, with an all-new rebrand that champions bold rainbow hues as a visual symbol of the extreme diversity and inclusivity at its very core. They work to make everyone welcome within their brand family, and this new initiative prioritises these bright ideals and visuals, quality hair as always and their elevated consciousness for the world around us.

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