Matrix are set to revolutionise the haircare industry, by replacing the traditional two-step format of cleansing hair. The Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioners are now launching on our shores after successful runs in the US and UK, engaging clients with a product that both simplifies and personalises the process of washing hair.


Built as one standalone conditioner that simultaneously cleanses the hair, the products are categorised by hair type, offering conditioners that cater to fine, medium, coarse and curly hair. These conditioners are all enriched with individual Super Fruit fragrances and have a complementary leave-in treatment for each hair type, added to detangle without breakage and restore a natural movement to the hair.

“The new Biolage Cleansing Conditioners are going to change the way you think about hair care,” said Matrix Celebrity Colourist George Papanikolas. “Imagine a superior conditioner that nourishes then morphs into a gentle, effective cleanser in just one step.”

While the conditioners make washing hair a one step process, the ingredients work in a complex arrangement in order to cleanse and condition the hair. First, the conditioning agents that coat the surface of hair upon application saturate the individual strands, before depositing directly into the hair fibre to nourish and protect the hair. After five minutes, water activates the concentrated cleaning agents to gently lift away impurities. Conditioning agents remain on the surface of hair post-rinse, in order to achieve enduring manageability.


With citrus, acai, avocado and pomegranate scents pervading the collection, the new Biolage Cleansing Conditioners speak to the modern client – natural, simple and efficient. What more could you want?

See a video introducing the products below.

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