Matrix confirmed its status as the kings of underground cool, literally going underground to the trendy basement premises of the Oxford Art Factory for its latest education event. Usually reserved for the darlings of Triple J, this time OAF hosted the latest instalment of Matrix Playground.

Launching during Salon Melbourne in early March, Matrix Playground added some new elements to its repertoire for the Sydney instalment. The brand’s Creative Director Uros Mikic was joined by Mathew Johnson, Andrea De Deugd, Paul Ricupito and Melissa Scriberras, a member of the brand;s House of Talent, which is a two year development program that fosters emerging talent.

The group presented a bevy of creatively styled models, with looks that pushed the envelope in their use of colour, shape, technique and wig work. Then attendees gathered around mannequin heads to create an intricate basket weave look using styling product The Stitch. The brand’s Style Link range and highly-anticipated Cleansing Conditioners were also displayed in full.

Melissa Scriberras

With dynamic video presentations, live hair shows, step-by-step demonstrations, dances and a musical performance, Matrix showcased their entertaining energy, and the crowd, with mannequin heads alongside, were transformed into something of a mosh pit.

The looks captured the brand aesthetic – inspired by urban art, bold colour techniques, 3D shading, fluid cuts, Avant Garde up styles and graphic hair styles were all presented. Graffiti Nation, the latest brand collection, was shown on the big screen.

As with the Salon Melbourne event, models were paraded back on stage with their ‘before’ shots in full view on screen. Now sporting bright, detailed and original looks, worlds away from their initial images, the transformative power in the hands of every stylist was apparent.

Part concert, part seminar, Matrix Playground gives new meaning to what an education event can be. As it continues its tour around Australia, be sure to experience this bold new venture for yourself.

Matrix Playground will next visit Brisbane on May 18th, Canberra on June 1st, Albury on July 13th and Sunshine Coast on July 20th.

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Photography credit: Anniss+Barton