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Matrix Release Biolage Advanced Repairinside

Matrix’s newest offering, Biolage Advanced Repairinside, is made especially for the client with compromised hair. The damage that builds up over years of frequent colouring, permanent straightening, perming services and chemical overlap sees the internal bonds of the hair follicle impaired, making hair prone to breakage. Enter Matrix Biolage Repairinside.

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Working to restore radiance and strength to dull, lifeless hair, the range utilises a formula of Arginine and Soy, infused with Green Apple, in order to cleanse, repair and revive damaged tresses. The Arginine penetrates into the cortex of the hair fibre to repair internal protein bonds, while the soy replenishes proteins and amino acids and seals split ends. Testing found that use of the range’s shampoo, conditioner and control cream created 75% reconstructed hair strength after the first application.

The range is comprised of four products, a shampoo, conditioner, mask and control cream. Between these cleansing products, a repair treatment and protecting leave-in conditioning cream, all the steps are covered in the pursuit of supple, shiny and healthy hair.

MATRIX Biolage Advanced Repairinside CollectionAn exclusive in-salon service comes courtesy of the Repairinside Cold Cauterization Service, which is aided by the Repairinside Hyperdose Concentrate. The intensive, professional repair treatment is Paraben free, with a low pH formula and enriched with keratin-heavy Arginine and Soy, leaving previously damaged hair smooth, conditioned and with natural movement.

If your clients are looking for a hair hero to come rescue their damaged locks, this range seems the perfect thing to offer, taking their primary hair concerns up, up and away.

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