Hairstylists, we may have created a monster.

Last week we discovered that man buns are highly searched for online (as expected) and will probably be remembered as the male hair look of our time, but with this latest invention, we can finally the say the look has turned from trend to epidemic.


Groupon has released a selection of clip-on man buns, sold at US$9.99 for a supposed saving of 85 per cent (the hair pieces were apparently priced at $65.34 beforehand). Available in ‘black, blonde and brown’ in synthetic hair, the site claims that over 1000 of the clip-on man buns have been bought. Translation: this is not a drill.

Stop it.

Basically, Groupon is allowing all men to choose when they want to go hipster, and giving man buns an unfortunately bad rap in the process. The hugely popular manbunmonday Instagram account shared the image out to its 199000 followers with the appropriate amount of ire, and the new accessory made headlines around the world, including on CNN, TIME, The Huffington Post and New York Magazine, who all treated it with the same dread that they would if it were basically the apocalypse.

Should we, as hairdressers, bare some brunt of the blame for normalising hair extensions, growing the men’s styling market, and just generally pushing the man bun as a major trend? Maybe.

Personally, we’re blaming Jared Leto.

Jared Leto… why?