It was a perfect cast for the Bianca Spender SS17-18 show – not the models so much, although they were perfect, also – but the people and products. Directed by session legend Koh Tanyawanichapong, Australia’s less-fuss-more-function haircare brand, Original & Mineral joined Spender’s vision for the summer ahead – a testament of luxury through simplicity and style through self.

A natural palette merged cool with warmth – jolts of ankle-kissing cobalt and suited lilac popping alongside rusted copper, black, whites and greys. The inclusion of irregular metallic earrings embellished a story of pared back prestige and paired perfectly with individualized hair design indicative of the woman who wore it.

“The theme is cool and effortless, and each girl has a different style. We’re working with the natural texture and either turning the volume up, or turning it down,” begun Koh.

“For those with bigger texture we’re calming it down with O&M Project Sukuroi,” or ‘gold balm’ as Koh refers to it, “and for those in need of volume Rootalicious is the key.”

Koh fused his session skill with the technology of O&M for low-slung knots, half-pulled ponies and further strokes of print-ready genius. This in addition to fashion’s favourite buzz cut and that all-out effortless bounce we know and love of the Australian runway.

Laid back brilliance.

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