Proving they still have the perfect answer to the party dress for the individual, Renya Xydis created a completely customised tie-up braid with earrings throughout the hair for an impact as individual as the collection, writes Cameron Pine.

Featuring older and younger models, Sass & Bide wanted to showcase its versatility and wide-appeal through colour tones of gold, silver, black and white, but with candy pink and electric blue dotted throughout the playful collection.

The collection titled ‘Fiesta Barcelona’ saw the Australian favourite’s long awaited return to the runway, celebrating the whimsical decorative detail in the hair that Renya is known for.

Hair by Cloud Nine was kept tight but with the detail and artistry we’ve come to expect from Renya – thickness and depth only possible with hours of prep.

Three core looks were used as a base but with oodles of individuality added through; The Fighting Fishtail, The Modern Side Tie and The Undercut Pony Braid. Each were flawlessly embellished with earrings and finished in order to look custom and not too done.

“She’s individual – we’re not following one brief we are sort of doing a customized tie-up braid –it’s more like a tied-up mowhawk really,” Renya said.

“We wanted to create looks that showcased the fresh and modern Sass & Bide girl, playing on the spirit and essence of Barcelona. We created the sleekness of the looks with the Cloud Nine Wide Iron and then the intricate mohawk braids and side ties to compliment the bold shimmering street life featured within the collection,” Renya said.

“We’ve also got a few older models in here so it’s all about seeing the Sass and Bide girl in many ways,” Renya said.

Undercut pony braid – get the look:

1. Straighten all hair using the Cloud Nine Wide Iron and then using a tail comb, part hair into two sections from (top of) ear-to-ear and clip top section up.
2. With head resting in lap, brush hair forward and spray with working spray, using a toothbrush to ensure all baby hair is captured within the look.
3. Moving from back to front, part hair into 1.5cm sections ear-to-ear, pinch and using elastic strands, from the underneath tie two knots. (Cut excess strands flush with hair).
4. Section and spray next layer and using a fine comb, brush hair coming from the elastic, onto the forming ponytail that begins to form down the head. Pinch and double-knot tie again, forming your way all the way down the head.
5. Once all hair has been braided, flip head and tie all hair into a long coil, sleek pony tail. Straighten length of pony tail and spray with a shine spray for a sleek finish.
6. Using small metal hoops split the opening and feed through the top of each knot, fastening the closure back.

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