A fashion lover’s first choice for ‘IT pieces’, floaty hemlines and tight waistlines, hair had a true feminine personality with two ‘cool girl’ looks crafted by evo Hair Director Lauren McCowan, writes Cameron Pine.

Although shirts were oversized and suits razor-sharp, feminine accents were spotted throughout there was an element of fairtyale to the show with Lauren McCowan creating styles not afraid of a flyaway.

Lauren created a mixture of understated looks – the classic messy ballet bun, perfectly complemented by undone, more whimsical length and texture. Wild femininity and vigorous spirits were at the centre of these key looks developed for the mulled-colour soaked range.

“Models with super long hair have a tightly coiled messy upstyle and we are trying to embody the Cameo girl. This girl is really effortless but considered at the same time so we wanted to bring that to life,” Lauren said.

“We are really hero’ing individual texture, it has been a massive global trend for two years of the fashion seasons – the art of individual texture, that is.”

Every model whether they have short hair or long hair was prepped with evo Day of grace – a protein and moisture spray. “It’s a pre-style primer that’s insurance for the hair to create that base hydration. It mirrors what women want from their hair – great style and versatility but nobody wants to sacrifice the quality of their hair anymore,” Lauren said.

Girls with curl were given some more with irons and wands to give cuticle and shine or use irons to press in the curl without pulling it out – getting rid of frizz but leaving the hair sealed and hydrated – left with hair they could do themselves at home.

“The individuality in the girls really brings the show to life – that’s really cool. We have played with three types of variation through the up-style, longer lengths and curls but there is a matte silky texture that threads everyone together – working with everyone’s flyaways,” Lauren said.

“Since its establishment in 2010, Cameo collective’s innovative and inventive designs have built a cult following for not only the girl addicted to the runway but with global names such as Gigi Hadid, Solange Knowles, Jennifer Lopez and Coco Rocha. This resort 17 collection ‘Liminal and Ornate’ has been designed to be worn in everyone’s own unique way” said Head Designer, Siham Elmawey.

This everyone aesthetic was definitely captured with hair that was naturally flawless but as directional as we’d expert from the master McCowan.

Coiled bun – Get the look:

1. Apply mister fantastic blowout spray from roots to ends and dry in with hands.
2. Use conrad bristle paddle brush to brush the front hairline away from the face.
3. Using your hands, create a ponytail in line with the top of the ears and secure with a mister fantastic bungee.
4. Split ponytail in two and twist up into a tight, coiled bun.
5. Pin in to secure, leaving the ends to hang out in sections.
6. Place ends in uneven positions and set with builder’s paradise working hairspray.
7. Apply some haze styling powder for texture.
8. Dust haze onto the roots and rough up hair with hands. use builder’s paradise to hold texture.
9. Use conrad to brush forward fly aways at the front hairline and set onto the skin with builder’s paradise to finish.

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