With so much colour and vibrancy, reminiscent of a candy-filled youth – Goldwell and Dale Delaporte’s Hair Direction for Karla Spetic needed to be equally as strong – heralding customised pastel hairpieces for a colourful twist, writes Cameron Pine.

With every look being paired with sheer detail and colour, Karla’s show was about adding fun and adventure to MBFWA, albeit with the structured silhouettes Karla is known for. Hair had to follow suit.

“It’s all a bit sporty so we’ve kept it really sleek with a finish that’s not too dry and not overly shiny,” Dale said. “There are two colours we’ve worked with in Karla’s collection and we’ve tried to keep it quite architectural.”

Dale and his teamed worked with whatever hair length the models had, adding some hairpieces for colour and depth and contributing a roll to the regular pony for panels of texture and new layered dimensions.

As a unifying detail, the show prized sheer pieces in unconventional outfit selections. Karla’s show saw sheer shirts thrown over a crop top, a dress with sheer sleeves or a sheer long coat worn over a dress – it was all about layering, colour and eccentric fabrics and textures.

Karla’s collection incorporated a pale and translucent colour palette, from crisp whites through to pale pinks and oranges, with a silhouette as lightweight as it was long and curved hemlines. As such, Dale’s take on the hair saw meticulous side and centre parting into thick textured and seamless pony tails with elegantly splayed pastel coloured sections through the cool blonde and pale toffee hair shades that formed the base.

“We wanted to create a sense of colour without taking away from the palette in the collection – we’ve added depth and variation, but at the same time working with whatever length the models have so there is consistency but not a look of uniformity,” Dale said.

Using the new Goldwell Colorance pastels and enhancing them with some Elumen to create a truly customised finish, Dale took Goldwell StyleSign Showcaser and a double moussing technique to add texture with smoothness.

A sense of frivolity and a splash of runway hair colour will always have our tick of approval.

Get the look:

1. Prep – use a few drops of Goldwell Elixr through the ends to soften. For coarse and or curly hair apply appropriate amount of Goldwell StyleSign Just Smooth Straightening Balm. Apply Goldwell StyleSign Double Boost throughout to prep. Create a clean centre part and dry the hair keeping flat to the head.
2. Once dry, continue the centre parting all the way to the nape. Take out a 1.5cm wide (5cm at the top) and 10cm long T shape section sitting over the art at the front hairline. Also take out a narrow triangle section from the occipital bone to the nape leaving out 4cm on either side.
3. Through section one, take 5cm sections from the nape, applying Goldwell StyleSign Showcaser to the roots and comb flat to the head and gently in the direction of the bottom right corner of the nape. Do not cover initial line at the top of the head, instead comb forward and around this line then down to the nape.
4. Apply a small amount of Goldwell StyleSign Showcaser and follows the direction of the rest of the hair to the nape.
5. After bringing all of Sections 1 and 2 together, tie in a low pony that hugs the neck and softly sits over the right shoulder.
6. Beginning towards the pony, lightly backomb Section 3 in small vertical sections through to front. While holding the whole section towards the back, gently brush the outer surface to smooth with the assistance of the occasional spray of Goldwell StyleSign Magic Finish. Brush so that all hair is neatly in the left hand over the top of the banded pony and the bottom hairline has created a strong horizontal line. Swap the hair to the right hand as you reach under the ponytail with the left and again grab that same section.
7. Use bobby pins to secure ends underneath the pony tail and U pins on the outer side to maintain the tension of the roll. To finish, spray pony lightly with Goldwell StyleSign Just Smooth and straighten through to ends with straightening irons. Spray Goldwell StyleSign Magic Finish to any areas that may need extra hold, paying attention to stray surface hair and any loose hair around the hairline.

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