Starting the Tuesday of Fashion Week bright and early, many MBFWA guests were pool-side, complimentary coffee, coconut water and smashed avocado slider in hand to welcome the very first show of the day. Katama by George Neff took over an idyllic Sydney location, Andrew “Boy” Charlton Pool, using the unique backdrop of Woolloomooloo harbour and huge, striking ships to present the latest in men’s resort clothing.

To complement these suave male styles (think sweatshirts, shorts and swimwear in a mostly muted palette with bold pops of green and bright patterns) with suitable hair looks, Redken and Hair Director Philip Barwick of Muse Hair, relied on natural texture with a hint of dewiness, perfect for the show’s swimming spot.

“As Katama is a range for relaxing by the beach or pool side, it’s all about the relaxed and natural vibe,” Philip said. “We’ll see that in the fashion too, it’s very resort and lifestyle orientated. We’re looking for a slightly beachy feel, natural but polished.”

Philip utilised Redken products for alternative reasons, spritzing Pillow Proof Express Primer, which is usually used as blow drying prep, to hydrate the hair, and Outshine 01, usually a blow drying lotion, to add a dewy detail, before finishing with the Redken for Men Outplay Texture Putty. “It’s really simple and not interfered with,” Philip shared. “We’re working with the hair’s natural movement and bringing out the best of that.”

Inspiring men’s fashion and styling can be connected to the salon, where the men’s hair sector continues to rise and male clients keep streaming through your doors.

“The whole idea of men’s fashion and grooming is enormous and only getting stronger, we’re consistently seeing refinements in the products used and the way men gravitate to products that are for them,” Philip opined. “Now we have subcategories, men used to think ‘a shampoo is a shampoo, and as long as I have a mousse or gel to rake through my hair that will do’, they’re now aware of all the different textures, so guys comes in and they don’t want too shiny or too matte, or they do; they’re able to make an educated purchase. It’s important for us in the hair industry to make sure we’re educating our all our guests, particularly men. The men need to be told why they’re buying the product, and that’s what really works as far as them becoming advocates of a product range or grooming in general.”

With aspirational men’s styling front and centre (and in such a scene-stealing location) at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, men’s hair inspiration, innovation and advocacy continues to reach new heights.

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