Forever transporting us into a grand romance, it was a fitting finale to MBFWA and always one of the most anticipated shows of the week. KMS Hair Director Alan White has evolved the Romance ideology for almost 7 years now – pushing the limits of creativity with hair as individual as each model – think Liberace’s daughter circa 2016, writes Cameron Pine.

This time around, Romance head designers Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales took us on a whimsical journey complete with unicorn headpieces, lashings of leather and lace and even a pink Madonna bride mixed with a tassel style dress that seemed to celebrate pride. There were feathers, nudity and a whole lot of colour you’d expect from such an artistic brand – they certainly didn’t fail at transporting the audience to their world for the good part of 20 minutes.

Calling their collection Electro Orchid, it explored “femininity, folklore and the cosmos by creating more of a ‘cabaret style’ execution than runway.”

It was dramatic curls on most of the girls – many nervous that it was their real out there hair on the catwalk and a far departure from any contrived style we’d seen all week. Some models sported what seemed like a ‘soft beehive’ but with a nod to the 70s while others had oodles of texture. Smattered in between were head pieces and tight coloured fringes. Partnering with Sydney based artist, Del Kathryn Barto, who is known for creating larger shapes, pushed Alan to new levels of creativity. KMS Hair Play was primarily his weapon of choice for its dusted out dry shampoo properties yet still with a little bit of hold.

“It gives us more of an ethereal feel so it’s more of a moving finish – rather than holding it down with a spray that I suppose is a bit more last season – last year,” Alan said. “Everything about this show has to be individual and have its own personality – Romance is always about making everything a bit looser.”

Colour was integrated courtesy of Goldwell’s Colorance system in eye-catching shades reflective of the ‘floral fantasia meets electro-disco’.

Boosting the hair from the get-go via KMS Styling Foam and Root and Body Lift, the team danced between the Free Shape styling range and the cult Hair Play Texture products to give the girls varying levels of hold power.

Some models wore headwear, coloured fringers, unicorns and hair hats that looked like it was straight out of Rio Carnival mixed with a moody vintage aesthetic. One thing was certain, and that was the fun.

“I love the whispering angel theme of this year’s Romance show it allows me to be delicate with the hair textures and shapes and no boundaries to what goes on up there in hair heaven. We’ve been prepping all day for a 7pm show,” Alan said.

Make up was as equally as poetic with glitter eyebrows, dark lips and an abundance of pink under the eyes – fun and flirty for a feast of the senses. That’s certainly Romance.

Textured Curls Get the Look:

1. On towel-dried hair apply KMS ADD VOLUME Texture Cream styling product.
2. Roughdry the hair using your fingers to ensure hair is dry and has absorbed product.
3. Lightly brush the hair out with a Mason Person brush allowing the texture cream to expand.
4. Place in a low side parting forming two sections.
5. Using a mini hot tong curl the hair in small 1 cm square sections forward towards the face from roots to ends and allow to cool.
6. Once all hair is curled, using a hair pick or a wide toothcomb, comb out each section to free up the curl.
7. Using a comb, backcomb sections from the roots out to create shapes. Lock in the backcombing at the roots to secure the shape.
8. Using a blow dryer, lightly free up the curled ends. Apply KMS CURL UP Control Crème throughout while moulding the shape and creating a spontaneous feel and texture.
9. Finish hair with THERMASHAPE 2 in 1 Spray and for extra hold apply heat.

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