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MBFWA 17: Oribe X Gary Bigeni

Let us try and create for you an idea of the global Gary Bigeni girl – or better yet, we’ll leave that in the hands of the show’s Hair Director, Diane Gorgievski, who worked with Oribe to create the hair looks for the show and is a friend of Gary himself.

“She’s a very current woman,” Mary said, explaining that this modern aesthetic is merged with 90s references. “She’s a global woman, she’s an American girl, she’s a Parisian girl, she’s from Australia; she’s a street style girl. We’ve pulled her up, we’ve given her a look that works if she has millions of events to go to. She’s effortless chic, with a beautiful knot in the back to accommodate her lifestyle. She’s a stylish woman, she’s busy and she has things going on.”

How pertinent that that description would fit maybe 90 per cent of the fashion-savvy, global consumers flitting around Fashion Week. They’d be rightfully interested in Mary’s deceptively complex hair look – a soft, stylish aesthetic that refused to overwhelm the fashion collection of bright blues, blacks and beiges, big prints and sophisticated shapes.

“The hair look is so effortless and chic but is actually a complicated look,” Diane said. “We’ve braided half the hair away to make sure the knot is really small and tiny, we didn’t want an overbearing knot on the top of the head, so we’ve braided that away, we’ve secured it, fastened it with an elastic and put lots of texture in the front hair line.”

Plenty of texture (particularly in the roots), dry ends and a soft hairline made to move on the runway finalised the look, with Oribe’s Après Beach Waves and Dry Texturizing Spray acting as particular hero products. Additionally, the brand’s Superfine Hair Spray, Maximista Thickening Spray, Star Glow Styling Wax and Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse were vital in creating the hair’s unique style and texture.

Perfectly at home at Fashion Week.

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