It was a global clash of cultures to the best possible ends, when Japanese designer Akira took to Sydney on the final night of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. The hair complementing his feminine designs was that of Brooklyn-centric street culture and a Belgian design aesthetic. Suffice to say, sitting in the show with so many diverse points of reference was like being on an international tour.

“The hair look for Akira is inspired by 80s Brooklyn hip hop street culture, mixed with a Belgian design aesthetic,” confirmed Redken Hair Director Richard Kavanagh. “There’s an asymmetry and weirdness about it, but it’s really earthed in that flat look, almost as if they’ve been wearing a hat.”

“The look came out of the conversation with [designer] Akira Isogawa around the collection,” he continued. “He doesn’t have a hair direction, he just talks about what the vibe is. It’s really about a gender neutral silhouette for the hair, all the models that are walking have the same shape, the boys, the girls, everybody’s got the same hair and texture.”

Hero products were Redken’s Guts and Forceful, used to create an almost-wet, dishevelled but asymmetrically structured look. The unique hair complimented a flowy, feminine fashion collection (even for the men), with filly details, floral patterns, sheer and loose fabrics and hues across the colour spectrum.

With so many points of reference, there was nowhere in the world you’d rather be.

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