Travelling offsite to La Porte Space, Rosebery, MBFWA delegates were taken by the hand of Albus Lumen and walked back into a time of elegant, island decadence, South Italy, perhaps beneath a lemon tree, it’s warm and your cinched yellow chiffon dress blows gently in the breeze.

Think a split panelled summer trench over tonal once piece, belt optional, enlarged buttons, oversized pocket detail and a wide camel capris pantsuit – top cropped, please. The soundtrack: jazz.

Hair was directed by Redken’s John Pulitano, a story of organic prestige and laid back luxury, just like a summer breeze.

“The inspiration was very youthful, a bit playful and ethereal. The designer wanted to take us back to a really beautiful place in Italy and in order to get that we first focused on bringing out natural texture with Redken Rootful on dry hair,” started John.

“Then we used a curling technique with the flat iron that sort of waves the hair, and we tap it so it’s a flat finish not a rounded finish. This just gives the style more of an editorial edge rather than being too pretty.”

John then brushed through Redken Wind Blown “a mix between a hairspray and dry shampoo,” ruffling with his fingers before arranging the front to sit “a bit flat around the face.” And to finish? Redken Fashion Work Versatile Working Spray.

Once again the resounding theme was suitability, no longer do we look to an army of clones.

“It was all about the girl’s personality, what her hair is doing, and we worked with that,” said John.

And it’s the same in the salon.

“Stylists are working with texture a lot more, we no longer have to wow the client so much with a blow dry. It’s more about, ‘let’s work with your curl, let’s cut a little fringe in or make it a bit 70s’ and the client is more open to that,” said John.

“It’s about moving away from the solidness, the LOB is being broken up and we’re adding a few cheeky pieces around the front to give it some attitude. Let things loose and be a bit rebellious.”

Can do.

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