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MBFWA 17: Redken X Dion Lee

Effortless individuality including a few sharp haircuts on models heralded the opening show for MBFWA. Dion Lee detail met new realms of natural texture courtesy of Hair Director John Pulitano and Redken, writes Cameron Pine.

‘Easy glamour with a raw edge’ with a self-assured attitude to luxury and individuality in the hair married perfectly with Dion Lee’s array of bold separates – cropped pants and sharp blazers that sat perfectly alongside more feminine and fluid silhouettes for his impressive show at Sydney’s iconic Opera House.

Dropping in his first ever men’s line with rain slickers, classic black pants and blazers even women will want to steal, Dion’s show melded architecture with androgyny – an iconic location for a label that pushes the realms of originality.

Slightly dampening the hair on the girls with more texture, “We definitely are looking for a little bit of flyaway but we definitely don’t want a retro frizzy look. It’s the cleanest look I can get using a little bit of Redken Rootful and Windblown,” said John.

“Separated, natural and realism to this texture is what we are going for. The whole idea for Dion is real individuality with each girl so we are really working with their natural texture,” John said.

Being a resort show, John was careful of not going too far with the hair, “It’s very easy to cross over into evening wear. The looseness of texture gives it a bit of attitude. How the girls walks in is how a lot of the designers want to keep it now – it’s not about the continuous same look girl at the moment,” John said.

For the girls with curls John enhanced their cuts by following the natural rhythm of the hair, using Redken’s Curvaceous Collection to define and refine with touchable softness. Windblown 05 Dry Finishing Spray created the tousled texture and effortless mood for all of the models. A far departure from the top knot used gracing some of Dion’s previous shows.

Get the look:

1. On damp hair apply a 20 cent piece-sized amount of Redken Curvaceous Curl refiner to create flexible control and tame frizz.
2. Follow with 6-8 pumps of Redken Curvaceous CCC Spray and gently distribute throughout the hair to defineand refine the curls.
3. Tilt the head forward and dry with a diffuser on a low setting.
4. Once completely dry, spray the hair with Redken Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray to promote natural texture and volume.

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