Step backstage at the STRATEAS.CARLUCCI show on the final evening of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (as we were so fortunate to do) and find a vibe hard to describe in mere words – but we’ll try.

Where you would expect models, hairdressers and makeup artists to be tired after four straight days of catwalks and back to back shows, the scene was the complete opposite. Music, dancing and an inimitable energy (not to mention the rumours of backstage hairdressers having just shaved some models’ heads for the show) expressed what Fashion Week – and STRATEAS.CARLUCCI – is at its core. Energy, culture, boldness and individualism in spades – tick, tick and tick.

“The inspiration behind the show is creating a whole team of individual characters, all the models that turn up really have their own unique looks,” said Redken Hair Director Richard Kavanagh of the hair look. “We’re enhancing what they have. There are haircuts, colours, different shapes, textures and ethnicities, there’s no one thing. Our hero product is One United, which is really our unifying product for the whole show.”

The bevy of talking, singing and dancing models personified that freedom and personality, wearing bold colours (flashes of highlighter yellow and bright blue provided could be spotted down the runway), dreadlocks, diverse styles and new cuts, with hair in some cases cut right there on the day by Richard and his team.

“The collection is inspired by this idea of freedom and individuality, and it’s really them trying to break the mould and saying ‘we’re not who you think we are, we are who we are, whoever we want to be,’” said Richard. “I think that’s really what’s coming through with the hair look, that it’s really about being yourself and whoever you want to be is OK, you don’t have to conform to any particular mould or norm, you can just be an individual.”

As STRATEAS.CARLUCCI continues to represent Australian fashion dynamically on the global circuit, we can see how this mentality provides them a strong mantra in the fashion world, and beyond.

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