The compliment was in the title – naming several promising talents of Australian Design ‘The Innovators’ for an amalgamated, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia show, put the pressure on, and the designers delivered. Redken and Hair Director Marie Cain of Head Case Hair were on board with a clean but detailed styled that showed off why the brand so suited the innovation theme, writes Adolfo Lopez-Serrano.

The talent pool of designers included A.N.X., Richard Giang, Yohana, Ewol, Akle and Casea, all who presented eclectic collections in a joint show united by uniform understatement. Still, with such big shoes to fill, boring was not an option.

“I wanted a look that was different from soft waves which I love, but I wanted something completely different for this show,” Marie revealed. A sown, braided dual-ponytail, looked simple from afar, but close ups revealed the complex techniques, sectioning and details involved to create interest and depth. The look’s play of textures was ultimately finished with Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Hairspray.

With innovation at its core and in its title, a new and clever take on the ponytail certainly kept within the theme.

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